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Aluma Form Pole Line Specialties, Aluminum Platforms, Aluminum Cluster Mounts, Aluminum Equipment Brackets, Dead-End Crossarms, Braces, Porcelain Cutouts, Fiberglass (Brackets, Guy Strains, Crossarms, Deadend Crossarms, and Cutouts). IN-OH-MI
Central Moloney Pole and Pad Mounted Transformers - Components and WildLife Guards. IN-OH
Curlee Aluminum Street Lighting Mast Arms. IN-OH
ERICO Electrical US CADWELD Exothermic Connections and ERITECH Grounding. IN
Estex MFG Company Lineman Canvas, Vinyl, Leather Products and Safety Vests. IN
IUP Fault Wizard - Primary Cable Fault Locator. IN
Lapp Insulator Porcelain and Polymer Insulators 15KV to 765KV. IN
Petroflex NA Continuous HDPE Duct for Cable-in-Duct. IN-OH
Precision Multiple Controls Outdoor Lighting controls. IN-OH
Preformed Line Products Transmission & Distribution Conductor Ties, Armor Rods, Guy Grips and Motion Control - Fiber Support and Splice Closurers. IN-OH
Prysmian Cables and Systems Power Cables Low, Medium and High voltage; Splices and Terminations. IN-IL-KY
Radar Engineers Cable Markers and Tags - Line Electronic Noise Detection Equipment. IN
SEFCOR Substation Power Connectors. IN-OH

Waukesha® Transformers: Small, Medium and Large Power.

Waukesha® Components: LTC Service Training; Replacement Components and Parts for Transformers, LTC, Oil Circuit Breakers; Reverse Engineering.

Waukesha® Service: Substation Equipment: Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Testing and Painting.